As the appointed administrator of the Economic Development Program of the City of St. Paul, the St Paul Development Corporation collaborates with area partners for the betterment of the St. Paul and Howard County region.

The Development Corporation meets regularly to discuss potential development projects that will not only assist existing and future businesses, but also promote the area as a great place to live, work, and visit.


Would you like to become a member?  Knowing that fresh faces bring fresh ideas, the Development Corporation is always looking for new members to help form the future of the community!  For more information on becoming a member contact:

St Paul Development Corporation
423 Howard Avenue
P.O. Box 64
St Paul, NE 68873

The Development Corporation is a membership based 501(c)6 non-profit organization and is guided by an eleven-member Board of Directors, which is elected annually by the membership.

Board of Directors

  • Dan Nielsen DVM, President
  • Isaiah Graham, Vice-President
  • Valerie Killinger, Secretary
  • Paul Mueller, Treasurer
  • Caitlin Jerabek
  • Bob Dvorak
  • Jeremy Taylor
  • Joe Mlinar
  • Vincent Christensen
  • Jim Olsen
  • Dave Brehm
  • Mike Feeken, Executive Director

Membership Roster:

Brian Lukasiewicz, Janet Edwards, Jim Christensen, Homestead Bank, Heritage Bank, Citizen’s Bank, Kip Lukasiewicz, Mike Kezeor, Fred Meyer, Gale Larson, & Loren Studley.



The St. Paul Development Corporation Inc., formed June 25, 1985, is organized not for profit and the objects and purposes to be transacted and carried on are to further the economic development of St. Paul and Howard County, Nebraska and its environs and promote the general social welfare of St. Paul and Howard County, Nebraska.

The St. Paul Development Corporation, Inc is created with these goals in mind:

  • To nurture and improve the present economic status and opportunities in St. Paul and its surrounding area, while retaining the special qualities of small-town America.
  • To increase economic opportunities for all our citizens, while enhancing their educational, social, cultural and physical well being.
  • To develop all our assets, to turn deficits into assets, to add assets, to utilize the talents of all our citizens.
  • To stem our city and county population losses, yet grow in population only gradually and naturally.