Powering St. Paul

The City of St. Paul provides retail electric service to the St. Paul community. Power is provided by two separate distribution substations, which are connected to Howard Greeley Rural Public Power District‘s subtransmission system at 34.5 kV. This looped system is connected to NPPD‘s statewide transmission system. The primary distribution system in St. Paul is 12.5 kV (10 MVA) with looped feeds to allow redundant service.

The electric rates for the City consist of a base rate of $9.25 plus a tiered rate structure for additional kilowatt hours. Contact the City office for specific rate structures for commercial and residential properties. Summer rates are applied for June through September. Click to download the Ordinance on rates and the disconnect information. Click to view a sample Disconnect Notice.

Utility bills include charges for electricity, water, sewer, garbage service, and a fee to dump grass/tree branches at the City landfill. Utility payments are due by 5 p.m. on the 20th of each month. Late fees are applied on the 21st of each month. If the outstanding balance is not paid, the utility customer is subject to having their electricity disconnected.

If you experience a power outage, or you need to report an issue with a power line, please contact the City office at 308-754-4483.

If you notice a street light that is out or is not working properly, contact the City office at 308-754-4483.

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