St. Paul FAQs

St. Paul Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve picnic tables/shelter in the park?

Picnic tables and park shelters are available on a first come/first served basis. No reservations are needed or accepted.

Are the public bathrooms in the park always available?

Due to the harsh winter conditions, the bathrooms are closed in the fall when the overnight temperatures create a risk for frozen pipes. The bathrooms are opened back up in the spring when overnight temperatures are consistently warm enough to prevent the chance of frozen pipes.

Can I use the ballfields whenever I want?

The baseball/softball fields are generally available for city leagues or the school softball program. Groups other than city leagues can contact the Youth Sports Association for field schedule information. Please email: to determine field availability or to request use of the ball field.

How do I get access to the Batting Cage?

You will need a key fob to access the batting cage. You can obtain a key fob at the City office by signing a Batting Cage Use Agreement, and paying a fee. The key fob will be activated for one year. Stop by the City office at 704 6th Street for more information.

What recycling options are available?

The City has property north of town, on Twin Forks Lane, to dispose tree branches, leaves and grass clippings. City residents can dispose of these items for free. Non-city residents are charged $10 per load or $48 per year. The St. Paul Rotary Club also has space in this area for people to drop off white goods or old iron for recycling.

The City recycling area is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 1:00 to 5:00 pm from March through October (weather permitting).

 In addition, the City has a recycling trailer northeast of the swimming pool (4th & Jay Street area). Recycling items accepted are tin cans, newspaper and magazines, plastics numbered 1 and 2, and aluminum cans. Please dispose of each within the marked bins.

For disposal of hazardous waste items, please contact Clean Community System in Grand Island, Nebraska at 308-385-5095.

Where do I call for repairs to my streets, such as potholes?

Contact the City office at 308-754-4483 to report hazardous street conditions.

Snow Removal
What is a snow emergency?

Due to predicted or actual hazardous winter driving conditions, the City may declare a snow emergency. During the snow emergency, no parking is allowed on designated emergency snow routes. This is to allow snow plows to clear snow and ice on main streets and primary roads to provide access for police, fire, and other emergency vehicles to travel. A parking ban along the emergency routes continues until the snow emergency is lifted by the City of St. Paul. The following are the Emergency Routes:

  1. Custer Street from 2nd Street to Taylor Street
  2. Sheridan Street from Adams Street to Paul Street
  3. 6th Street from Adams Street to O Street
  4. 7th Street from Adams Street to O Street
  5. Kendall Street from 2nd Street to Nelson Street
  6. O Street from 2nd Street to 9th Street
  7. Paul Street from 9th Street West to City Limits
  8. Howard Avenue from 2nd Street West to City Limits
  9. Indian Street from 5th Street to Sherman Street
  10. Grand Street from 5th Street to 8th Street
  11. 8th Street from Grand Street to Indian Street
  12. 9th Street from Grand Street to Indian Street
When do streets get plowed?

On a general basis, snow removal on city streets does not occur unless there is at least three (3) inches of snow. City road crews may be called out if other factors (such as wind, ice, etc.) make travel difficult or hazardous. Streets will be cleared as soon as possible after the storm ends or when it is safe to do so.

Which streets are cleared? What about alleys?

City road crews will clear designated snow routes first, then primary streets. Alleys will be cleared after primary streets are cleared.

What if there is not enough snow to plow, but the street is icy?

Call the City office at 308-754-4483. City street crews will address hazardous situations as they become known.

Permits for Building Projects
What type of permit do I need to build on my property?

A Zoning Permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, move, or use any building or structure over 25 square feet. The permit fee is due at the time the completed application is submitted. The St. Paul Planning Commission will recommend approval or denial of the application, and forward the application to the City Council for final determination. If granted, the project must be completed within one (1) year of the issuance of the Zoning Permit.

Utility Services
How do I sign up for utility service?

Please stop by the City office at 704 6th Street to initiate utility services. The City of St. Paul provides electric, water, sewer, and garbage service. These services will all be billed on a single statement. You can specify whether to have the statement mailed or emailed to you. In addition to mailing your payment to us or paying the bill in person, you have the option of paying your bill with an automatic withdrawal from your bank account, or you can pay the bill online.

When will I get my utility bill? When is it due?

You should receive your utility bill by the 10th of each month. All utility bills are due by 5 p.m. on the 20th each month. If you do not receive your utility bill, contact the City office at 308-754-4483. Late fees will be assessed for all bills that are not paid by 5 p.m. on the 20th. Utility bills not paid by the end of the month are subject to having the utilities disconnected.

Swimming Pool
When is the pool open?

The St. Paul Water Park generally opens the weekend of Memorial Day and closes in mid-August – depending on lifeguard availability. Hours are 12:30 pm to 7:00 pm, weather permitting. As a general rule, the outside forecasted temperature must be at least 71 degrees by 1:00 pm to open the pool each day. Visit the Pool page for more information.

Do I need to license my pet?

Yes. The City issues licenses for dogs and cats on a calendar year basis. If your pet is missing, having your pet licensed will make it easier to get it returned to you.

How do I get (or renew) a Handicap Parking Permit?

Please contact your physician to complete and process the necessary paperwork. The City office is no longer involved in this process.

I'm looking to rent an apartment or a house. How do I find out what rentals are available?

The City has a list of people that have rental property. Please stop by the City office for a copy of the list, or call the city office at 308-754-4483 to have the list emailed to you. The list contains the names of people that own rental property. The list does not specify whether any of the rental property is currently available for rent.

Dogs are running around the neighborhood. Who do I call?

Contact the Police Department at 308-754-9112.

What is the amount of sales tax in St. Paul?

The state sales tax rate is 5.5% and the City has a local sales tax of 1.5% for a total sales tax rate of 7%.

Does the City of St. Paul have a curfew for youth?

St. Paul has a curfew of 11 pm to 6 am Monday through Friday for individuals under seventeen (17) years of age. The curfew is 12:01 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Can I drive a golf cart or utility terrain vehicle (UTV) on City streets?

Golf carts or UTV’s must first be registered with the St. Paul Police Department. A registration fee must be paid, and an inspection of the vehicle will be conducted before you are authorized to drive on City streets. The registration is good for one year.