Police & Fire

Police & Fire Departments

Police Department

The St. Paul Police Department provides law enforcement in the community. The Police Department consists of a Police Chief, Police Sargent, two patrolmen and a part-time secretary. Call 911 for all emergency situations. For non-emergency issues please call the Police Department at 308-754-9112 or 308-754-5458.

In addition to enforcing laws, patrolling the community, investigating traffic accidents and criminal matters, the Police Department handles the registration for utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) and golf carts for use on city streets, educates the public on a variety of safety and law enforcement issues.

All firearm permits are issued by the Howard County Sheriff’s office, Howard County Courthouse, 612 Indian Street, St. Paul, NE.


Fire Department

Fire protection is provided to St. Paul and the rural area by a volunteer fire department. Emergency medical service is also provided by volunteer emergency medical technicians. With a volunteer work force, it is important to have enough people available to respond to emergency situations. If you would like to become a part of the volunteer team as a firefighter, please contact Fire Chief Mike Becker at 308-750-3161. If you would like more information on becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT), please contact EMT Captain Nate Meyer at 308-750-5918. Even if you are only available certain times of the day, or certain days of the week – you can still be a vital part of the team. Please consider volunteering your time for these rescue positions.


The City wants you . . . to be a good neighbor.

Please keep your property free from nuisances. Appliances, tires, junk, abandoned or non-registered vehicles should not be stored in your yard. Do your part to keep your property clean - and avoid a visit from a police officer.

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